Spectrum Live™ Portfolio Select® (SLPS)

Spectrum Live™ Portfolio Select® is a transparent and flexible way of accessing a broader range of financial markets strategies.

The Trading Pursuits Investment Services team actively manages an Income Portfolio and Master Portfolio and oversees a passive Cash Portfolio. The key feature of Spectrum Live™ Portfolio Select® is that you can log in and see an indicative snapshot of the types of instruments your funds have been invested in (in the form of units within relevant portfolios). You can also manage your own allocations between the Income and Master Portfolios, and the relatively low risk Cash Portfolio, quickly and easily online. You can move funds between units in these portfolios on a monthly basis allowing you to actively adjust your risk exposure. Please note that each of the actively managed portfolios has an educational requirement and you can only allocate funds to portfolios you are eligible for.

Although downside risks are pro-actively managed, it’s important to consider the Income and Master portfolios as relatively high risk investments. Because you will be able to see an indicative snapshot of how your funds are allocated among your various eligible portfolios of the fund, this high level of transparency is intended to help you to assess your risk exposure.

Income Portfolio

The Spectrum Live™ Portfolio Select® Income Portfolio focuses on four core investing strategies.

  • Written Options Strategy – capitalising on overvalued options where market considered to have overestimated the degree of future volatility
  • Short Term Option Trading Strategy – short term directional trading strategy using technical analysis to take advantage of options considered to be undervalued
  • Dividend Strategy – investing in global equities with strong fundamentals and cheap valuations providing attractive dividend yields
  • Capital Gains Strategy – targeting deep value assets and using long term options where premiums are considered cheap in order to gain exposure to potentially asymmetric return

Master Portfolio

The Spectrum Live™ Portfolio Select® Master Portfolio focuses primarily on four core investment strategies .

  • Short Term Momentum Strategy – targets short term price momentum and breakouts through purchasing options or directional spot positions
  • Long Term Asymmetric Strategy – aims to capture asymmetric returns from mis-pricing of securities due to excessive optimism or pessimism
  • Global Macro Strategy – aims to position for and benefit from fund flows between market sectors and asset classes
  • Long/Short Strategy – aims to profit from the convergence of two related sectors or securities

Am I eligible?

We believe that informed investors make better choices. That’s why we recommend you learn the general nature of the Spectrum Live™ Portfolio Select® portfolio investment process by taking a relevant TradeAbility Income and TradeAbility Master Online Program presented by Trading Pursuits Online Pty Ltd. This provides you important knowledge to help you understand how your money is being managed.

Investment Risk

Before you make any investment in the Fund, you should identify exactly what you want your investment to achieve and what level of risk you are willing to take on the investment failing to perform in line with your expectations, or performing negatively over a period of time (i.e., your level of acceptance of risk).

Retail investors particularly should consider whether to obtain personal advice from a financial adviser or financial planner as to the investments you intend to make in the Fund and also whether the Fund is suitable for your personal financial situation, needs and investment objectives.

You must also read all of the SPDSs, even those that relate to classes which you do not intend to invest in, since they will describe specific risks for each Class corresponding with Strategy Portfolios that could affect any investment in any Class.

Click here to see our full Investment Risk Warning

What is the Benchmark for returns?

The Spectrum Live™ Portfolio Select® Income Portfolio focuses around “income based” returns, so comparing it to having cash in the bank may be most relevant.

The Spectrum Live™ Portfolio Select® Master Portfolio focuses primarily on capital gains strategies over the medium to long term (three to five years or longer). However, due to the nature of the investment strategies, there is no appropriate benchmark by which outperformance of the Master Portfolio may reasonably be measured.

However, investments in the portfolios are riskier than having your cash in the bank, so the risk/return profile is distinctly different to that of a fixed interest type of investment. That’s why we do not use specific benchmarks and we recommend you learn something about the nature of the Income and Master Portfolio investment instruments by attending a TradeAbility Income training event (for the Income Portfolio) and TradeAbility Master training event (for the Master Portfolio) before you make any investment decision.

For more information, download a PDS using the Request a PDS form from the home page of this site.