Product Features

Investing in a transparent investment vehicle where you can:

  • Access your Portfolio Select® portal online via your phone, PC or tablet computer to view an indicative snapshot of the underlying securities your money is invested in;
  • Shift your allocation of your investment from one portfolio to another online on a monthly basis;
  • Access a monthly and periodic deposit facility;
  • Access a quarterly redemption facility;
  • See open position snapshots updated hourly.

The types of investment applications possible:

  • Individual application (where there is one individual applicant);
  • Joint application (where there are two or three individuals applying jointly);
  • Company application (where there are up to four Directors of a corporate applicant or up to four Beneficial Owners of a corporate applicant);
  • Sole Trader application (where the Sole Trader is the applicant);
  • Trust or Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF or Superannuation) application (where the Trust has a Corporate or Individual Trustee(s) as the applicant)

See a sample quarterly report and video update

July 2013 Investment Report